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taking his dogs to the beach and camping out. >> and lawmakers in washington trying to come up with a plan of action to prevent another san bruno tragedy from happening. david louie joins us with a proposal by california's two senators. >> senators feinstein and boxer are seeking tighter regulations using technology to step up pipeline inspections. >> it's on our collective shoulders now after this happened. we have been warned. >> senator boxer and other members of the senate commerce subcommittee don't want another san bruno. they're working on new, tighter regulations for pipeline safety and doubling the number of inspectors. the federal agency that does inspections acknowledged it's shoirt staffed. >> each inspector is responsible for over 2000 miles of pipeline. the distance from san francisco to chicago. >> the staift bill calls for
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more use of technology called smart picks. they're small sensor that's can detect defects by moving through pipelines. the pipeline safety trust has been urging their use nearly two decades. >> scleerly, smart picks are the best available technology for assessing the true condition of a pipeline. again this is another debate that should have been settled years ago. >> questions raised whether the explosion and fire could have been less catastrophic if high pressure gas could have been shut off sooner by automatic or remote controlled valves. the national transportation safety board's vice chairman says that is an issue for local official autos pipelines running through high consequence areas need tochl plor whether it's appropriate to have the automatic shut off valves. it's a decision by the operator. >> the executive director of the public utilities commission spoke and expressed self criticism. >> all work we did leading up to september 9th was
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inadequate. i include the p.u.c. in that. >> at the hearing there was a surprising admission from an official from the federal pipeline inspection agency setting back inspecks as a result of a flurry of new construction projects. >> thank you and as you know it was another hot day and spare the air day around here. and enough fire change danger to close allen rock park. the young and young at heart kept cool anyway they could today. these fountains were a popular hot spot, as was the coast. and let's touch base with sandhya patel. there is reports broken today. >> anything with an star is a record for today. 102 in santa rosa, a record. 99 in san rafael. and oakland international airport, 96 degrees, that was a record for today. as you look around other parts of the bay area, plenty hot. 103 in concord.
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105 in liver month of. -- livermore. 104 degrees in clover dale. the place we started to see cooling was right along the coastline, half moon bay, 72 degrees. santa cruz come down to 88. these are highs so far and these are preliminary records. they'll be coming down shortly. i'll have these for you later on. cooling is expected and going to be cooler around the coast and around the bay as we head towards tomorrow. i'll have more on that in just a few minute autos thank you. and some police say it appears a gang member shot a path this morning wounding a 6-year-old girl. leslie ramirez shot while she's sleeping in the middle of the night. vic lee joins frus oakland childrens hospital with the story. how is she doing tonight? >> reporter: the hospital won't say anything about her condition. she was shot in the arm and that bullet lodged into her chest. we did talk to leslie's older sister karen who says she's
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spoke to leslie on the phone this morning and is that that she seems to be doing okay. that is the good news. the bad news is that when night falls tonight, there no guarantee it won't be more violence. >> the home is on the 1600 block of seminary avenue. by day, it's a quiet family neighborhood. at night, neighbors say it's changes. they've got a nickname for seminary avenue. >> seminary at noon and cemetery at night. >> karen ramirez is the sister of leslie, the 6-year-old wounded. police believe gang members armed with more than one gunshot up the home in a car parked in front. karen showed us the bullet holes. we counted more than 30 that ripped through walls of the house in the bedroom where her sister was sleeping with parents. karen believes shooters are after her 18-year-old brother,
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richard. >> it seems like all of these guys hating on him. always breaking into his car or breaking his woindos. >> she says this was the third time the house has been fired on. her brother wasn't too talkative. >> how many times your house been shot up? >> three times. >> yeah. like two, three. >> in a year? >> yeah. >> why are they shooting at your house? >> i don't know. >> the walls of the garage tagged with gang graffiti. richard ramirez denies income a gang. police say this neighborhood is known for gang and drug activity. late today, police chief came to the hospital where a teddy bear to visit the 6-year-old. >> just to be able to grow up in the community without being afraid they're going to be hit by a stray bullet or a gang member shooting up their community. >> finding gangs is becoming difficult. there is no police gang unit as there was before. >> we had to down size some
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specialized eunice. -- units. >> because of the police layoff that's specialized gang unit or members of that unit have now been integrated into the regular general criminal investigation unit of the police department. now, the family rents that home. and karen told us she hopes that the family will be able to move out as soon as possible. vic lee abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and a federal judge in san jose is reviewing briefs submitted by lawyers for a death row inmate and the state this afternoon after a appeals court last night told a judge to reconsider whether to grant a stay of execution. a 56-year-old scheduled to die at san quentin at 9:00 p.m. thursday night. he was convicted of raping and killing a 15-year-old girl in 1980. death penalty opponents say it's not a question of whether brown shu be executed but
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rather, how. >> issue is the process. whether this meets minimal standards. the process. that hasn't been promptly evaluated. >> the ninth circuit court of appeals expressed concern the timetable may have been affected by the fact the state's existing supply of the first drug used in executions expires on friday. >> the most anticipated political debate of the election season gets underway in less than an hour. meg whitman, jerry brown takes the stand in the first of three debates. political reporter mark matthews joins us now from the auditorium. >> well, you know they haven't been shy about throwing elbows in political ads. things beginning to cool off outside and just beginning to heat up in about an hour from now. they take the stage there. is a little bit different
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dynamic than what they saw with the boxer-fiornia debate. two candidates are not as clearly defined. they're more moderate than barbara boxer and karmy fiorina are. it's a different dynamic. what i suspect is that there is a greater burden on moderator and on reporters tonight to ask tougher questions and to hold candidates for answers, particularly whit comes to issues that matter most. how to solve the budget crisis, what to do about pension reform. i'm go tok watching reporters tonight to see if they can get specifics out of both candidates. >> what are the challenges facing each of them? >> meg whitman is he well coached. her problem won'ting staying on meth message. she needs to avoid appearing icy or cold. she's got to make a case for why moderates and independents would vote for her. whitman cannot win with
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republican vote alone. jerry brown is great, spontaneous, and off the cuff speaker. his challenge is going to be stay on message. don't drift. don't make a spontaneous mistake, drifting away from the point he wants to make. he wants to paint meg whitman as a big box close to wall street distance from main street billionaire and she's going to want to portray him as a tax and spend liberal. and i think that that is going to be the message from both of them. interesting to note. they're winding up here right? to go into the auditorium. the auditorium holds 1600 people. only 900 are going in tonight because both camps want to make sure that they control the crowd. reporting from davis mark matthews abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. skpf course we'll have highlights tonight at 9:00 and 11:00 and on abc 7 >> we'll be interesting.
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and former president carter is resting overnight in a cleveland hospital after getting sick on a flight. he was traveling on a book tour developing an upset stomach and was rushed to the hospital. his grandson says his 85-year-old grandfather is doing fine tonight. a crowd of 500 people were waiting in line to have mr. carter sign his new book. he's expected to resume his tour in washington, d.c. tomorrow. >> the state department confirmed tonight a delegation from oman is in iran trying to win release of the two remaining u.s. hikers there. the uc berkeley grad students have been jailed in tehran since july of last year. a third hiker bay area resident sarah shourd released last week. that with oman's help. reports say fattal and bower could be released as early as
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sunday. the two still face charges of spying and entering illegally and claim to have crossed by mistake. >> and coming up, the police targeting folk who's live in one bay area county and the sports that struck out and will officially beúxúxúxúxñxsxú
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. in san francisco something of a surprise at the cable car bell ringing competition. the competitors boycotted it leaving only amateurs in their place. they gave it their all. the real bell ringer is a group of conductor that's never showed. an apparent protest to highlight the disagreement with management over sal skri arbitration. among them leonard oastes,
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anxious to play and had a routine ready. he told wayne freedman unity matters more. >> how hard is this decision? >> very hard. because... it's -- a lot of politics. and... i don't want to get into politics. >> and later on tonight at 6:00 the union and muni management address that had boycott. >> one of the strongest smoking bans anywhere in the bay area passed today by the contra costa county board of supervisors prohibiting smoking in common areas of apartment complexes like patios and balconies and bans smoking inside of apartment units built after the first of the year. and the new law, keep in mind applies to medical marijuana. the new ordinance includes langage to protect land lords as long as they meet requirements in the ban. >> cuts just got deeper at uc berkeley. five sports will be cut at the
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end of the year. that announcement made today by the chancellor of the university. baseball, men's and womens gymnastics and rugby will be dropped. rugby will transition to a varsity club sport and attempts to become sustainable without university funding. >> the costs of delivering our program have been rising. requiring growing financial supports in the budget now exceeding $12 million annually. >> and this will save the university $4 million. the number of sports will be reduced from 29 to 24 under ts plan. >> oakland raiders hosted an event to help teenagers learn about the dangers of steroids. about 100 students from several high schools ended a day long seminar at raiders headquarters learning about harmful affects of steroids as well as proper training sek neek that's can help them achieve the goals.
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>> these programs are designed to engender pressure to do the right thing using alternatives such as sports nutrition and training to get athletes what they want to be as good as they can be. >> this is the second year raiders hosted this event. coaches and players including sam williams were among the participants today. >> a job fair in san francisco offered 3600 jobs for unemployed californians. abc 7 co-sponsored that event along with the job journal. the event featured 10 different employers. there are 2200 border guard positions available b a thousand jobs with peace corps, aflac, lens crafters burger king, ross and lawrence berkeley labs are hiring. >> i think having a job you can realize you're in a place, you're comfy and cozy.
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when you zront a job you realize how much we take for granted. >> how long have you been out of work? >> over a year. >> what is that like? >> tough. tough. getting lots of help from family and friends. >> jobless rate stands at 10% in california it's 12%. >> back to weather. heat records broken today. the question now is what is coming up? >> you won't be sweating longer. there is a significantly cooler forecast for tomorrow. and inland areas, you're going to drop off, too. going from triple digits down to 90s is an improvement. outside now from our emeryville camera. looking across the bay you can see a he bit of haze into the atmosphere. today has been a spare the air today. tomorrow improvement expected in the air quality and there is a sea breeze kicking in sooner and mixes out some of the ground level ozone. from south beach camera, you
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can see blue skies and one last live shot. this was a place to be if you did not like the heat. it was warm in beaches and wasn't as hot as it was inland. the view from santa cruz, folks are out and about, you can see a few clouds there in the mix. here is some new records for today. jant rosa is 1502 degrees a tie. san rafael, 99. sfo, 93 degrees also a tie. oakland international airport 96 today broke records. oakland, city of oakland 92 today z san jose, 99 degrees shattered a record of 95 set back in 1966. rest of you in case you're wondering what highs look like these are highs so far. 105 in livermore. 103 in concord. you can see 88 in santa cruz. and san francisco is 92 degrees. and napa coming in at 99. numbers right now, still on the toasty side we have triple digits inland around fairfield and antioch, 7 in san jose
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now. 83 degrees in san francisco. notice the drop in the temperatures. the breeze is back. 66 degrees in half moon bay. fog going to be back at beaches tonight. cooler coast and bay wednesday. and not as hot inland heading towards wednesday. so steamy conditions this afternoon inland look at where fog is this afternoon. it's going to march towards the coastline. we take through time begin agent 7:00 fog closing in on the coast. tomorrow morning, goitsing to be a different story. gray sky as long beaches. we'll notice temperatures coming down. two things going to knock that ridge of high pressure and that hot air mass out of here, area of low pressure spinning south is going to drop high clouds. filtered sunshine tomorrow. we have this system bumping into our ridge so the wind switches around. no longer coming out of the north. no down sloping wind. we're looking at a stronger sea breeze temperatures falling. overnight tonight fog at
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beaches. numbers into 50s. inland areas still mild. low to mid-60s. not as warm as yesterday. and this morning. temperatures tomorrow into south bay 90 in campbell. 87 san jose. coastside, 66 in pacifica. you'll see fog coming back. downtown san francisco going from 90s to upper 60s. north bay, 87 in santa rosa still a warm day. east bay, 78 in oakland. 82 castro valley. inland mix of subsun and high clouds. for the monterey bay, 75 degrees in santa cruz. here is the accu-weather forecast. cooling trend over the next several days. temperatures dropping to mid-80s range inland thursday, friday low 60s at the coast. by sunday, low 80s inland. we're going back down to normal, slightly below heading into weekend. >> rubber band affect. >> no kidding. >> thank you very much. >> just ahead, the state
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salutes the police officers owe who stopped a high school bomb plot. >> coming up, and then, at 6:00 dmv mistake costing a man of pile a moneyful they thought he's driving a $70,000 truck
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a federal court has given the green light for funding owe for embryonic stem cell research stem cell research overturning a lower court ruling blocking that research. the obama administration arguing halting research while the case works through the courts would harm the development of potentially life-saving treatments. opponents equate embryonic stem cell research stem cell research with abortion. >> governor schwartzeneggar
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and attorney general brown saluted four san mateo police officers for their valor at the state capitol today. officers received medals for helping capture a former student accused of trying to set off two pipe bombs in august last year. the officers is just a a after a judge ruled a suspected bomber is competent to stand trial in january on charges of attempted murder. >> and coming up, actor matthew mcconaughey and 49ers kick it with kids in a you can see
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new tonight at 6:00 a beef over burgers. why some people don't want fast food fanatics driving in
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n out out of their town and pot hole that's put children in danger in the east bay. >> and why one of our coolest summers could help make this a great year for some bay area wineries. it's coming up tonight at 6:00. now back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you. >> finally actor matthew mcconaughey paid a special visit with students at 49ers academy today. >> vent was a combined effort between the mcconaughey's just keep living foundation, and nfl play 60 campaign. >> some 49ers joined mcconaughey to show kids exercising and making smart food choices every day is important he brought children from his own foundation to the he veebt his program for inner city children in southern california is aimed at helping kids through exercise, teamwork, gratitude and positive life choice autos he didn't show off abs. >> everybody in the newsroom was disappointed.
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he kept his shirt on. >> oh, well. >> thanks for joining us. >> have a good night. greed. the wealthiest corporations. billions in profits and bonuses. and the sacramento politicians just gave these same corporations a new billion dollar handout... paid for by cuts to education and public safety with no guarantee of creating one new job. but we can change this by voting yes on proposition 24. prop 24 repeals the billion dollar giveaway and protects our schools and communities. yes on prop 24. it's time to give us a break... not the big corporations. our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.

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